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Saint Stephen

About the Hagymatikum Spa…

The Hagymatikum bath complex has one of the most significant medical departments in Hungary with almost 40 medication rooms. The spa is suitable for healing rheumatic problems. Lots of tourists visit Makó to enjoy the beneficial effects of the warp of the river Maros.

However, wellness fans will not be disappointed either because one of the biggest sauna departments of Hungary can be found in the bath complex. Our guests have the possibility to enjoy the pleasure provided by the steam cabin, the intimate sauna, the flood of light sauna, the herbal sauna and the aromatic sauna, the infra sauna cabin, the Makó sauna and the Great Plain sauna.

These are completed with an immersion pool, a crushed ice dispenser, a fun shower and a tub shower.

Your pleasure is made complete by the following pools:

  • 33-meter-long swimming Pool
  • Adventure Pool
  • Cave Pool
  • Chess pool
  • Medical Gymnastics Pool
  • Outdoor adventure Pool
  • Outdoor Baby Pool
  • Outdoor Splashing Pool
  • Relax Pool
  • Slide Pool
  • Toddlers’ Pool
  • Well Pool
  • Aroma Massage
  • Chockolate Massage
  • Cleopatra Bath
  • Dead Sea Salt Bath
  • Herbal Message with Thai Technique
  • Honey Massage
  • Lava Rock Massage
  • Parajd Salt Massage
  • Peeling Massage
  • Red Wine Massage
  • Sole Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Medicinal Weight Massage
  • Mud Packing
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Underwater jet Massage
  • Amusement Cabin
  • Baby MummyLeisure Corner
  • Playhouse
  • Kid’s Pools

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Address: 6900 Makó, Szent István tér 8.


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